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Re: (ITS#6504) Corrupted control value when using pagedresults with subordinate *ldap* database

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>> Also, I note that the glued paged response seems to work incorrectly.  I
>> made a simple test system, where the root database contains exactly one
>> entry (the suffix) and a back-ldap is glued on top.  If I request entries
>> with a page size of 2, searching the suffix return 3 entries; subsequent
>> searches return 2 entries from the proxy.  I haven't figured out yet where
>> the issue is.
> I figured out how to fix the issue you reported.  It is related to the
> fact that slapd internally assumes that ldctl_oid values are constant
> strings, so it doesn't duplicate nor free them.  However, control OIDs
> returned by back-ldap (and friends) have been decoded from the wire by the
> client library, so they are actually malloc'ed.  That's why backglue ends
> up with a dangling pointer.
> I'm fixing it by having backglue duplicate (and free) control OIDs
> consistently.  Another option would be to replace those values with
> constant strings for known control values.  This would prevent gluing for
> unknown proxied controls.

Or just tmpalloc them and don't bother to clean them up.

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