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Re: (ITS#6504) Corrupted control value when using pagedresults with subordinate *ldap* database

> Also, I note that the glued paged response seems to work incorrectly.  I
> made a simple test system, where the root database contains exactly one
> entry (the suffix) and a back-ldap is glued on top.  If I request entries
> with a page size of 2, searching the suffix return 3 entries; subsequent
> searches return 2 entries from the proxy.  I haven't figured out yet where
> the issue is.

I figured out how to fix the issue you reported.  It is related to the
fact that slapd internally assumes that ldctl_oid values are constant
strings, so it doesn't duplicate nor free them.  However, control OIDs
returned by back-ldap (and friends) have been decoded from the wire by the
client library, so they are actually malloc'ed.  That's why backglue ends
up with a dangling pointer.

I'm fixing it by having backglue duplicate (and free) control OIDs
consistently.  Another option would be to replace those values with
constant strings for known control values.  This would prevent gluing for
unknown proxied controls.