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Re: (ITS#6417) Mirrormode documentation slightly misleading

apm@mutex.dk wrote:
> Full_Name: Peter Mogensen
> Version: 2.4.20
> OS: any
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> All of the examples about mirrormode in the admin guide tells you to set
> ServerID to "1" and "2".
> The extended form (ServerID<N>  <URL>) is only mentioned for N-way multimaster.
> However, IF you also setup mirrormode for cn=config,

The mirrormode examples don't talk about mirroring cn=config.

> you need to specify
> ServerID on both servers as:
> ServerID 1 ldap://server1/
> ServerID 2 ldap://server2/
> ... so the config is the same on both server. Else your replica will not receive
> all updates and servers will think changes they made them self are made by
> others.

> A user might be able to figure this out be thinking about what mirroring
> cn=config actually requires, but it would probably some time if this is
> mentioned in section 18.3.4 of the admin guide.

It should be obvious that if you replicate cn=config, you will wind up with 
the identical configuration on the consumer as on the provider. If your 
configuration is not already appropriate for both the consumer and the 
provider then it will of course not work correctly.

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