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Re: (ITS#6334) hang during ldapmodify

> Matthew and Hallvard,
> Matthew Backes wrote:
>> Large collections of values can be slow for some uses; have you looked
>> at the sortvals option?  (needs a db reload with slapcat+slapadd)
> Thanks for your suggestion to add the sortvals option.  I've done so and
> still experience the hangs.
>>> memberUid: t2479
>> That doesn't seem terribly large, no.  sortvals is more pertinent if you
>> have 100k+ values on the attribute...
> Exactly what I was thinking.  This doesn't seem like a really large
> number, but it's consistently hanging for us.

A consistent hang calls for some deadlock.  Your configuration might be
tweaking some strange interoperation of functionalities that result in the
deadlock.  So, rather than the logs, the configuration would be of
paramount interest.  We are obviously looking for details, so don't omit
anything; rather sanitize sensitive information, like passwords.  I'm
specifically thinking about some strange interoperation between databases,
overlays, ACLs and so.