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Re: (ITS#6334) hang during ldapmodify

Matthew and Hallvard,

Matthew Backes wrote:
> Large collections of values can be slow for some uses; have you looked
> at the sortvals option?  (needs a db reload with slapcat+slapadd)

Thanks for your suggestion to add the sortvals option.  I've done so and
still experience the hangs.

>> memberUid: t2479
> That doesn't seem terribly large, no.  sortvals is more pertinent if you
> have 100k+ values on the attribute...

Exactly what I was thinking.  This doesn't seem like a really large
number, but it's consistently hanging for us.

>> The update simply hangs.  Tossing a "-d 65535" shows that the process is
>> sitting in loop spitting out messages similar to:
>> ldap_int_select
> This looks like you added -d to your ldapmodify.  More useful here would
> be server logs; try running slapd with -d 263 so we can see more of what
> the server is trying. (1+2+4+256)
>> I'm happy to provide any additional details or debugging information,
>> just let
>> me know what you need.
> Can you attach a gdb backtrace taken during the hang?  (thread apply all
> backtrace full)

I'll try and get these two completed over the weekend, at a minimum work
on this Monday.  Is there somewhere I can upload these logs to, where
they won't go out to a public list?  It's quite possible there might be
information in here that we would prefer not go public.