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Re: (ITS#6331) slapd freezing, not accepting further 'write' operations while 'read' operations are unaffected

Overall declining bugs, yes.

Bugs I HAVE personally observed since 2.3 -> 2.4 = INCREASING.

We currently use OpenLDAP 2.3x with Delta SyncRepl (single master)  
with no issues.

If I take that same setup into OL 2.4x, the problems get VERY BAD:

   * Data stops being replicated RANDOMLY
   * Writes stop 'getting honored'
   * Binary crashes
   * Man pages make me want to light myself on fire.

I realize this software is free.  Obviously.

I realize this software is supported by volunteers.   But my old  
ticket, 6320, is getting no more attention from anyone.  I need  
something better than that.  I have a PROBLEM. And people STOPPED  
RESPONDING TO ME.  This is --> unacceptable <--

To comment on your statement:

>  If what you need is immediate on demand support, then I would  
> advise you look into a support contract with one of the companies  
> that provides support for OpenLDAP.

That is NOT what I need. What I need is a stable version of OpenLDAP  
that works reliably and as-promised.  I'm sorry, but NO ONE should  
have mentioned Multi-Master ANYWHERE (OpenLDAP.org, man-pages, Zytrax.com 
) until it was STABLE. It is NOT stable.  If what you say is true,  
then it will be a LONG TIME before OpenLDAP does what I want, like its  
advertised.  So thats why I am going elsewhere.  Money is not the  
issue - we're happy to spend money on something that works.

Furthermore, if MultiMaster has 'kinks' to be worked-out, and since  
some people condemn the use of MultiMaster, I'm not going to wait  
around for a better solution to be willed into existence.  I'm done.

My own manager shot down the idea of getting the "Paid" Version of  
OpenLDAP because he feels that many of the inadequacies of OpenLDAP  
(free-version) are simply SALES PITCHES to coerce people into buying  
the paid version.  Given what Sun offers, what with ZFS and all, I can  
see why he wants to go the Sun-route, because it will be a more long- 
term blanket solution to afford benefits to us, both inside and  
outside of the Directory Services we intend to offer.  And after  
reading Sun's documentation on Sun Directory services, I was more than  
slightly-interested in looking into it further.  Also, Suns docs are  
easier to read.

Given how much I have learned about openLDAP, and how much effort I've  
put into it, proceeding any further would be STUPID of me.  I need to  
stop and consider other options.  OpenLDAP simply cannot meet our  
needs.  I have to accept this.

And another thing:

>  If you think the other open source LDAP software packages or even  
> commercial packages are better, go use one and learn why they aren't.

I respect your loyalty to the OpenLDAP project.  Right now however, I  
can't imagine anything WORSE than what OpenLDAP is giving me.  Losing  
a feature or two is better that inexplicable segfaults and freezes.  
Replication thats been released in 'Prime Time' but isn't ready for  
Prime Time??? ...... please. Enough is enough.

Thanks again, but I give up.