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Re: (ITS#6298) ldapsearch hangs after ldapadd

Tihomir Culjaga wrote:
> Aster recompiling OpenLDAP with changes to servers/slapd/back-bdb/idl.h
> #define BDB_IDL_LOGN    16      /* DB_SIZE is 2^16, UM_SIZE is 2^17 */
> #define BDB_IDL_DB_SIZE         (1<<(BDB_IDL_LOGN+1)) /* moved from 64k
> to 128K */
> #define BDB_IDL_UM_SIZE         (1<<(BDB_IDL_LOGN+2)) /* moved from 128k
> to 256k */

The point in defining these macros based on BDB_IDL_LOGN is that you can 
simply change that single value, rather then editing everything else that 
depends on it.

E.g., change BDB_IDL_LOGN to 17 and leave the other two definitions untouched.

> I'm unable to reproduce the issue.... it looks like problem solved...

> What can we expect as the DB grows? Does it mean i will have to increase
> the values again?

It all depends on the sequence in which entries are added to the database. If 
the majority of entries belonging to a particular index slot are created at 
around the same time, then they will fit easily into the index and there will 
be no problem. If there is a large gap in entries/time, and the gap exceeds 
the BDB_IDL_DB_SIZE, then the problem will occur again.

> What is the limit and drawback?

The limit is simply the amount of RAM you have available on your machine.

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