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Re: (ITS#6242) PCache cache corruption

Howard Chu wrote:
> This is now fixed in HEAD overlays/pcache.c. The bug occurred because 
> the cache was seeing a child entry first, and so the 
> dc=justillusion.net object got created as a glue entry. Later when the 
> actual dc=justillusion.net entry was received, the modify to store its 
> true values in the cache DB failed because it needed the manageDSAit 
> control.
Thank you, Howard,

I have installed in the morning slapd from CVS, enabled the caches on 
the servers and they have running the whole day without any cache 

Now, from time to time, there appears segmentation fault. I will post 
another ticket because it seems unrelated to the issue discussed here.

Best regards
Luben Karavelov