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(ITS#6302) second-guessing of libsasl ABI is incorrect for Linux distributions

Full_Name: Steve Langasek
Version: 2.4.17
OS: Debian
URL: http://bugs.debian.org/546885
Submission from: (NULL) (

Debian bug #546885 reports a problem with the Debian package of slapd aborting
because it's running against an older version of libsasl than the one it was
built against.  Distribution packaging systems have provisions for declaring
versioned dependencies when necessary, slapd should not have a blanket rule that
assumes preceding versions of libsasl are incompatible:

- if two versions of libsasl are incompatible but this has not been declared by
way of an soname change, this is a bug in the library that should be forwarded
to the libsasl upstream, not papered over in slapd
- the version check assumes that running against an *older* libsasl than the one
built against is a problem, but running against a *newer* libsasl is not, when I
don't see any reason that should be the case.

patch to remove this version check follows; it has been applied to the Debian
openldap package.