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Re: (ITS#6257) libldap: getopt flag to return the SASL username

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>>> It returns whatever returned by sasl_getprop(); it should be a pointer
>>> to
>>> a zero-terminated string within the SASL context (you don't have to free
>>> it, but it may be invalidated when the context is destroyed).
>> It seems "you don't have to free it" was the clue!
>> Well, it rather means you must not free it.
> I'm documenting options, and noticed that all other values are duplicated
> rather than returned as they are.  Would you mind reverting the behavior
> of this option?  I mean: return a LDAP_MALLOC'ed string instead of a
> pointer to a string within the SASL handle?

I'd appreciate it very much if it would be exactly behave in the same way like
all other string-valued options.

Ciao, Michael.