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Re: (ITS#6247)

Michael Ströder schrieb:
> daniel@pluta.biz wrote:
>> Even with the above described limited scope there seem to be plenty of
>> open questions before thinking about "office-hours" and so on. Just two
>> examples regarding the current implementation of now:
>> - The server's timezone vs. the client's timezone (that's more or less
>> obvious - in my opinion it's sufficient to store UTC times).
>> - Replication of "now" attributes' values between slapds that are
>> located in different timezones and client's that communicate with these
>> server's...
> IMHO the client has to convert all user input to GMT and convert all server
> results to local timezone for presentation to the user. The server internally
> processes everything as GMT. Maybe I got you wrong though. Other server
> implementations do it this way when checking logon hours.

The server internally compares the (once set) attributes' values against 
its current time (whether locale or utc, does not really matter here 
essentially it's always used the same - utc or local time) but the 
server does not know (IMHO it cannot reliably determine) from which 
timezone a client currently is connecting. Imagine a business trip to 
Japan (GMT+10) login would not work during the original specified 
(European) office hours, even when asking a local replica server in Japan...