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Re: (ITS#6242) PCache cache corruption

> http://purgatory.spnet.net/~karavelov/faillog

There is no corruption.  What happens is that back-bdb, when returning the
entry from the cache, correctly locates it based on the indexed attrs used
in the filter, but at some point decides that the entry is outside the
scope of your search:

Aug  5 16:44:22 work slapd[17541]: bdb_search: 87 scope not okay

This should not happen, since your search is performed with exactly the
same parameters used for the original one, and the scope is 1 (onelevel).

I wonder what happens there.  Could you walk through the failing request
with a debugger, and print some values?  I'd like to see, from within
bdb_search(), line 780 of back-bdb/search.c of re23, the value of