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Re: (ITS#6243) back-monitor fails to report entry cache usage

--On August 6, 2009 7:25:16 PM +0200 masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:

>> I'm also curious why back-monitor develops stats for the other caches but
>> specifically not for entry cache.
> I haven't looked in detail, but it makes sense that some operation occurs
> within the glue database which requires caching something, but not
> entries.
> - The entry cache monitor shows the value of bdb->bi_cache.c_cursize;
> - the DN cache monitor shows the value of bdb->bi_cache.c_eiused, which
> should be the number of entryinfo structures used;
> - the IDL cache monitor shows the value of bdb->bi_idl_cache_size.
> In my very simple tests, I only saw something populating the DN cache,
> which means some internal operation required to allocate some entryinfo
> structures that remain 'round.
> In any case, it's only showing information related to its database
> structure, it is by no means collecting info from the glued databases.

Ok, this makes sense, as the numbers it was reporting definitely seemed 
smaller than I was expecting.  I bet they are for pieces in the rootDSE.



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