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Re: (ITS#6242) PCache cache corruption

karavelov wrote:
> First, thanks for the suggestions.
> I have updated my config file and you could find it here:
> http://purgatory.spnet.net/~karavelov/slapd.conf.clean
> But the problem I have desctribed still persist. You could find a log here:
> http://purgatory.spnet.net/~karavelov/faillog
> the logging is set to: trace stats stats2 pcache (I believe that 0x1000 
> is pcache)
> It consists of 3 parts:
> 1. First query for "justillusion.net", it is not in the cache. It hits 
> the SQL database and is reported to be
>    stored in dbd cache
> 2. Some seconds later the same query fails
> 3. An analogous query succeed
> I could cut more form the log file if somebody needs it.
> I do not think that the fails depend on the data being stored (no 
> NULLs). Some different records get corrupted
> and I do not see nothing common that could be the cause of the 
> corruption. Just in differend times, differend
> records get corrupted.
> This is slapd-2.4.17 + patch from head (back-sql/search.c), libdbd-4.6

I'll look at your links later.  I assume you mean libdb-4.6; is it 
patched with official Oracle patches?