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Re: (ITS#6172) Crash with baseObject in back-sql

> openssl@mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de wrote:
>> slapd gets terminated by libc with an "invalid free" error message when
>> using
>> the baseObject configuration option (whether with or without file) at
>> the time
>> of the first query.
>> This is caused by freeing an entry using "free" that has been allocated
>> using
>> "entry_dup". This does not match (any more?). Essentially what the code
>> was
>> trying to to is to duplicate the sql_baseObject to bsi_e. The fix I
>> suggest adds
>> a function "entry_dup_to" to slapd so that backends can do this
>> operation
>> cleanly without having to create a temporary dynamic object there is no
>> obvious
>> clean way to get rid of.
> I'd rather have a function that returns the entry struct to the pool
> without calling entry_clean(), to avoid as much as possible code
> duplication.  In any case, good catch.

All in all, I favored using your patch as is.  It's now in HEAD, please
test.  Thanks, p.