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Re: (ITS#6186) sizelimit broken

Christian Fischer wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 June 2009, Howard Chu wrote:
>> Your explanation is a bit unclear. Please provide an ldapsearch commandline
>> that demonstrates the problem with the slapd.conf you provided.
>> When a given sizelimit is configured on the server, what values of
>> sizelimit requested by the client are working correctly or incorrectly?
> Due to all servers run a patched slapd and all are in productive state i've
> set up 2 testsystems (provider - consumer).
> I can't reproduce the buggy behavior.
> Let me explain what i have done before submitting the bug report.
> I've set up two slapd in mirrormode and one as proxy and some customer slapd,
> all unpatched. After working around ITS#6167 I've initiated the initial
> customer replication with the proxy as peer and got a sizelimit of 500. I've
> tried replication against one mirror, that failed with sizelimit 500. The
> providers sizelimit was set to unlimited.
> I've tried replication with different sizelimit values, 10 gave me 10 entries
> back, 500 gave me 500 back, 502 gave me 500 and -1 gave me 500 back.
> Args debugging showed me ors_slimit of 500 in all cases
> (servers/slapd/search.c:do_search():123)
> Hope that helps

Unfortunately not. I was also unable to reproduce this behavior on 2.4.16 or 
on current code. Without a clear way to illustrate the problem, we have 
nothing to investigate. Likewise, since you mention that you're running 
"patched slapd" we can't help you with that either.

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