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Re: (ITS#6186) sizelimit broken

On Wednesday 24 June 2009, Howard Chu wrote:

> Your explanation is a bit unclear. Please provide an ldapsearch commandline
> that demonstrates the problem with the slapd.conf you provided.
> When a given sizelimit is configured on the server, what values of
> sizelimit requested by the client are working correctly or incorrectly?

Due to all servers run a patched slapd and all are in productive state i've 
set up 2 testsystems (provider - consumer).

I can't reproduce the buggy behavior.

Let me explain what i have done before submitting the bug report.

I've set up two slapd in mirrormode and one as proxy and some customer slapd, 
all unpatched. After working around ITS#6167 I've initiated the initial 
customer replication with the proxy as peer and got a sizelimit of 500. I've 
tried replication against one mirror, that failed with sizelimit 500. The 
providers sizelimit was set to unlimited.

I've tried replication with different sizelimit values, 10 gave me 10 entries 
back, 500 gave me 500 back, 502 gave me 500 and -1 gave me 500 back.

Args debugging showed me ors_slimit of 500 in all cases 

Hope that helps