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Re: (ITS#6133) back-relay issues


* relay_back_operational() sets up callbacks.  Should it?

  Looks harmless, but as far as I can tell, be->be_operational()
  functions do not use them, since they (should) send no response.

* There is no relay_back_chk_controls().  Should there be?

  Though I think DNs would then be rewritten four times the same way
  for each operation:-(  Already operational, has_subordinates and
  finally the operation itself does. And possibly for access controls.

I've factored op.c code out to table-driven handlers and a macro,
and cleaned away those '#if 0's.

Fixed more problems:

* Search referrals should have a scope.

* relay_back_op_extended() was (still) broken.
  The handler should return a result which caller should send, so it
  must set sr->sr_ref without freeing it.  Setting REP_REF_MUSTBEFREED
  instead, and droping the RB_SEND requirement in fail_mode.

* For readability, fixed return values from relay_back_chk_referrals()
  and other unused handlers.  (chk_referrals may be unfixable.)

* relay_back_entry_<get/release>_rw() returned operationsError for
  failure.  Failing with noSuchObject/unwillingToPerform instead.

* relay_back_entry_release_rw() leaked entries when bd->be_release==0.
  For paranoia, fixed it only when the entry's e_private == NULL.

> * The handlers for Abandon, Cancel and connection-init/destroy
>   should not exist, as far as I can tell. They forward the call to the
>   underlying backend database, but that means it receives the call twice:

So does Unbind.  Removed the handler.

> * back-relay can be configured to cause infinite recursion.  (...)
>   Anyway, recursion can now be properly caught with op->o_extra. (...)

Needed a unique key per <operation type, relay database> combination.
Otherwise things like backend_group() called from another operation
failed when looking up a relayed DN via relay_back_entry_get_rw().

That fixed relay_back_operational() and relay_back_has_subordinates(),
or at least I assume that's what their FIXMEs were about.