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Re: (ITS#6131) "TLSVerifyClient try" not working with GNU TLS

Howard Chu wrote:
>> I was just looking around for a possible explanation to the problem that
>> I'm encountering.
>> I double-checked the version that I was running and it's actually
>> 2.4.15, not 2.4.16. Would there be a significant difference between
>> these two versions with respect to TLS certificate handling?
> Yes. Read the 2.4.16 CHANGES.

Ok, I see the following:

Fixed libldap GnuTLS TLSVerifyCilent try (ITS#5981)

Looking at ITS #5981, that seems to be exactly the same problem that I'm 
having. I tried searching the openldap.org site before for similar 
keywords, but I guess I missed this.