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Re: (ITS#6021) slapo-pcache/back-ldap slapd crashes

> When a program aborts it will print an error message on stderr. It
> would be useful to have that message.

Long since disappeared for this case, I'm afraid.  I'll try and get it
in the future.

> Can you please update to RE24, the 2.4.16 candidate, and see if the
> behavior has changed? Also, can you please be sure to compile
> without optimization (or with frame pointers intact; gcc
> -fno-omit-frame-pointer); there seem to be a few functions missing
> in these stack traces.
> Also grab the latest overlays/pcache.c (1.168). It probably won't
> fix things, but it should make the crashes a little more obvious.

OK, I've built 2.4.16 (which I see has the new pcache.c) with no
optimisation (-O0 and -fno-omit-frame-pointer) and will put in place
in our test lab.


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