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Re: (ITS#6043) slapd segfaults in bdb_rdn_cmp

Howard Chu ha scritto:
> This trace is bogus, there's no call from slapd_daemon_destroy() to
> epoll_wait() in the code. And you wouldn't have gotten to
> slapd_daemon_destroy() unless you were shutting down.
> This is also bogus; is this an optimized compile? It's always hard to
> tell how much to trust the debugger here; if there are no further stack
> frames then possibly the stack was overwritten. But if you compiled with
> any type of optimization, and didn't use -fno-omit-frame-pointer, then
> that may be all that's happening here.
I managed to find out how to reproduce the issue. Now it's deterministic
and happens with openldap-2.4.16.
The segfault can be caused by performing an ldapmodify on a specific
entry replacing a binary attribute certificateRevocationList.

I'm sending privately the backtrace analized with gdb and the slapd.conf

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