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Re: (ITS#6012) segmentation fault triggered with slapcat

Am Dienstag, 10. März 2009 06:53:34 schrieben Sie:

> Please provide steps to reproduce the segfault, thanks.

Hi Howard,

I tried to reproduce the problem on either OpenSUSE 11.1 or Fedora but I could
not reproduce the crash.

The crash was reproducable with OpenPKG though I guess the crash depends on 
the version of bdb beeing used. The code fetches an transaction from an 
internal table which might have slightly different semantics with regards to 
initialization depending on bdb version.

Anyway if you look at the rather trivial patch you will see that it indeed 
solves a problem independent of bdb version used so the code does not depend 
on a side effect anymore.

On one hand the void pointer *data should not be dangeling and therefore 
initialization with NULL is correct.

On the other hand TXN_ABORT() must not be called with potentially dangeling 
pointers and therefor a trivial check for the validitiy of the pointer is a 
good idea.


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