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Re: (ITS#5985) replication lockout with syncrepl

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Fixing this issue would require a complete redesign of the psearch queue
> handling. Instead of queuing up a separate response per psearch, there should
> be a single queue of responses, and the qplayer should iterate thru to match a
> response to each of the active psearches. That would guarantee that all
> replicas receive a given change before any of them receives the next change.
> This would also help with the ordering issues discussed recently on -technical
> and -devel.

Except that this would also force all replication to run at the speed of the 
slowest consumer...

> I suspect this is too big a change to target the next (.16) release, since
> we're focusing on re-stabilizing the code right now.

The new code in HEAD is actually simpler now, it just pushes ops into the 
thread pool. Please test...

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