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Re: (ITS#5983) ldappasswd returns "Additional info: password hash failed" in Solaris 10 SPARC

mariusp44@gmail.com wrote:
> sorry, if I was misunderstood. I am not asking to do my legwork. Just 
> trying to understand what is going wrong. Sorry, if it seemed that way.
> I installed Sun Studio 12 (latest) and the problem is the same. I don't 
> think Sun Studio is not working compiler. Just looks very unlikely. IT 
> compiles everything without single problem. both 32 and 64 bit memory 
> models.
> Perhaps I was not entirely clear. Weird thing is that it is only not 
> working when changing password using ldappasswd and hash is set to SMD5 
> SSHA or CRYPT. If I manually change the password setting userPassword 
> after generating it with slappasswd using say SSHA, it works fine. I 
> mean user can bind using password that is stored in SSHA or SMD5. That 
> tells me that slapd can still do encryption properly and check against 
> hashes in question. At some point it needs to generate a hash and does 
> it properly. Only when slapd is asked to change a password with 
> ldappasswd it is unable to generate proper hash. Unless process is 
> entirely different when changing password and authorizing against password.
> I am not insisting it is a bug in slapd code. But I am running out of 
> ideas what else could be wrong and was just hoping that somebody else is 
> using openldap on the same architecture and perhaps experienced 
> something similar.

Since no one else is seeing the problem, I already recommended that you 
step in the (non-optimized) code with a debugger and see why this 
happens.  The right place to start is slap_passwd_hash_type(), whose 
failure is setting the error message you see.


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