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Re: (ITS#5916) Allow alias dereferencing in search C API

michael@stroeder.com wrote:

> Hmm, maybe I missed something in this discussion and about the usage of
> client controls.
> But I'd vote for another function which provides a complete set of
> arguments for sending search requests. So if ldap_search_ext is
> considered incomplete regarding alias dereferencing I'd vote for
> introducing ldap_search_ext2 (or whatever name) with an additional argument.

Well, that's ldap_int_search*(); let's vote for the "public" name.  As I 
said, I think it makes sense, since alias dereferencing has always been 
explicitly required in the request.

OTOH, I have no objection to using a client-side control, as it wouldn't 
add too much complexity (well, it'd require to parse a list of strings 
with a worst-case of N * M, with N: number of known client controls; M: 
client controls passed to the request), and it would pave the way for 
client controls in libldap :)  I see Hallvard already has a request for 
another one.

One consideration: I'm not overlooking the value of not changing the API 
too often; also, I fear client-side controls could be another way to 
wind up with revitalizing the old API instead of designing a new one - 
if anyone ever seriously considered the opportunity to design it.


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