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Re: (ITS#5916) Allow alias dereferencing in search C API

michael@stroeder.com writes:
> But I'd vote for another function which provides a complete set of
> arguments for sending search requests. So if ldap_search_ext is
> considered incomplete regarding alias dereferencing I'd vote for
> introducing ldap_search_ext2 (or whatever name) with an additional
> argument.

Yes, the missing aliases argument is an API design bug.  The API almost
but not quite has functions that match the protocol messages.

If we are going to export yet another search function, I'd like to see
another feature added as well: A way to pass the BER form of a filter
to the search function.  And some helpers to build the BER form, and to
parse it back into the string form of a filter.  Filters are complex
enough that it can be a pain to deal with the string form and its
quoting at times.

Of course, that one could be a client control too - e.g. combined with
passing NULL as the filter...