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Re: (ITS#5640) slapd scans too many objects at startup

Howard Chu wrote :
>I ran your test and examined the logs. I don't think your test is valid.
>Search for "not indexed" in the logs - you have not indexed the necessary
>attributes, as recommended in the documentation.

Hi Howard,
Thank you for your testing.
You are right about the indexes in the slave (the master indexes are OK).
After adding the line :
#bdb#index              entryUUID,entryCSN      eq
to the slave's config file the problem persisted in the version checked ou on
November 4.

So I checked out the HEAD last night.
The good news is that the problem is fixed now and every thing seems OK (six new
modifications have been made to syncprov.c since Nov 2, one of which being made
by Quanah and related to this issue).

So the issue can be closed :-)
Thanks again
Best Regards