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(ITS#5810) $BACKEND selections in make test

Full_Name: Hallvard B Furuseth
Version: HEAD, RE24
Submission from: (NULL) (
Submitted by: hallvard

A number of tests contain code like
    if test "$BACKEND" != "bdb" && test "$BACKEND" != "hdb" ; then
        echo "Test does not support $BACKEND"
        exit 0
This looks like a holdover from ldbm, I suggest we remove it.

Also tests for supported LDAP features chould exclude instead of
include a backend.  E.g. in test040-subtree-rename, replace
    case $BACKEND in
    hdb | ldif)
        echo "subtree rename not supported by back-$BACKEND"
        exit 0
    case $BACKEND in bdb)
        echo "subtree rename not supported by back-$BACKEND"
        exit 0
Or possibly that shold be "... in bdb | ndb)", I don't know.
Whoever knows can fix it either now or later:-) Also I'm not quite
sure which of the tests that fail for back-ldif are supposed to.

Back-null has no "directory" directive.  To support it,
tests/scripts/conf.sh could recognize a format like
where the config-line is uncommented if $BACKEND is none of the
backends.  Thus, "#!null!#directory @TESTDIR@/db.1.a".  Takes a
backend list in case tests for other directoryless backends arrive.

Finally I'll append " for ${BACKEND}" to the Starting/Running/Test
completed output from tests/run and tests/scripts/all:
run: echo "Running ${SCRIPT} for ${BACKEND}..."
all: echo ">>>>> Executing all LDAP tests for ${BACKEND}"
all: echo ">>>>> Starting ${TB}`basename $CMD`${TN} for ${BACKEND}..."
all: echo ">>>>> $CMD completed ${TB}OK${TN} for ${BACKEND}."
all: echo ">>>>> $CMD ${TB}failed${TN} for ${BACKEND} (exit $RC)"