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Re: (ITS#5656) Bind operations with translucent overlay

ghenry@OpenLDAP.org wrote:

> Too tired today :-( For some reason I was talking about slapo-unique, as I'm
> writing that up just now.

Just to avoid (or increase :) confusion when you'll be back from relax, 
I don't recall working at slapo-unique recently.  AFAIK, the old and the 
new config statements live together in perfect harmony, although 
unique_uri is preferable as it is more expressive.

I have added a restrict=<uri> parameter to slapo-constraint, which 
allows to optionally restrict the entries the constraint would apply to.
I have also allowed the <attr> to actually be an attribute list, in case 
one needs to apply the same constraint to more than one.  Finally, the 
"set" type is now available.  It uses the ACL sets' syntax, which, 
AFAIK, is still undocumented.


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