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Re: (ITS#5656) Bind operations with translucent overlay

----- ando@sys-net.it wrote:

> ghenry@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> > Too tired today :-( For some reason I was talking about
> slapo-unique, as I'm
> > writing that up just now.
> Just to avoid (or increase :) confusion when you'll be back from
> relax, 
> I don't recall working at slapo-unique recently.  AFAIK, the old and
> the 
> new config statements live together in perfect harmony, although 
> unique_uri is preferable as it is more expressive.

OK, thanks.

> I have added a restrict=<uri> parameter to slapo-constraint, which 
> allows to optionally restrict the entries the constraint would apply
> to.
> I have also allowed the <attr> to actually be an attribute list, in
> case 
> one needs to apply the same constraint to more than one.  Finally, the
> "set" type is now available.  It uses the ACL sets' syntax, which, 
> AFAIK, is still undocumented.

Again, thanks. Sets have been documentated for quite some time now:


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OpenLDAP Engineering Team.

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