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Re: Issue in syncprov findcsn code

Gavin Henry wrote:

Can I confirm the use case here? I've not used the -S option and it sounds
very important. According to Ando it should be clearly documented too.

Is it used in a MM/N-Way when exporting via slapcat and then importing to
another server that will have its own serverID, hence the -S to override the
currently exported serverID from the first server?

As far as I know, you don't need it unless you're initializing a MM/N-Way from a clean LDIF (i.e. without entryCSN). Usually, when you restore from a backup, you want existing entryCSN to be preserved. -S only affects the SID portion of entryCSN *generated* by slapadd, i.e. those that were missing in the source LDIF. I added that option some time ago, when I needed to generate a database for a N-Way by importing an LDIF obtained from SunONE. The procedure then was:

- slapadd -w -S 001 -l plain.ldif
- slapcat -l full.ldif
- scp full.ldif other-n-way:

on other-n-way:

- slapadd -l full.ldif

This way, all N-Way would get the same database with the SID of the first one, "001". As an alternative, I could have fired up the first one and let the others sync.


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