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Re: Issue in syncprov findcsn code

> say: no.  Just complain (and refuse to start) if the problem can be 
> solved by running "slapadd -S <SID>" or "slapcat | sed | slapadd".
> - the problem should not occur run-time in a homogeneous, 
> well-configured system (== same versions, consistent configuration). 
> If 
> it happens, just give up replication and/or commence a full refresh 
> (agree that assert'ing would be bad).
> - slapadd could detect from the configuration whether -S is needed 
> (don't think it could determine the right SID, but at least it could 
> complain, and require a --force (to be implemented) if one retains to
> know what he's doing).

Can I confirm the use case here? I've not used the -S option and it sounds
very important. According to Ando it should be clearly documented too.

Is it used in a MM/N-Way when exporting via slapcat and then importing to
another server that will have its own serverID, hence the -S to override the
currently exported serverID from the first server?


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