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Trans.: Re: (ITS#5661) contextCSN gets corrupted on the stand by mirror

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   Date : Tue, 19 Aug 2008 14:48:53 +0200
     De : ali.pouya@free.fr
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  Sujet : Re: (ITS#5661) contextCSN gets corrupted on the stand by mirror
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Hi Gavin;

Below you find the answers to your questions :

> Can we get your bdb version, your config and the logs of an empty mirrormode
> node B pulling in the data loaded in mirrormode A (posted/hosted online
> somewhere).

The BDB version is 4.6.21.
You find here attached the file conf.tar.gz containing the configuration of B.
The file syncrepl.conf.simple works well, but the file syncrepl.conf.double
garbles the contextCSN (I write more than 1000 entries per minute).
Do you want a log for the 10 million entries ? Which loglevel ?
The problem only happens if there are write operations on A, not if the server A
is stationary.

> Also, has this always happened on the same machine? What are the specs of the
> servers?

The problem happens on the stand by server : If I write on B the contextCSN of
A gets corrupted (I have already tested this).

My servers are quadri-processor Xeon 2.2 GHz.
I think this is not related to the hardware but the "year" part of contextCSN is
not well protected against concurrent operations (?).

> Is this a fresh install?
Yes for 2.4.11, but I use OpenLdap since 5 years for my different projects.

Best Regards


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