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Re: (ITS#5661) contextCSN gets corrupted on the stand by mirror

> I think there is a documentation issue for OpenLdap 2.4.11 :
> The chapter 17.4.4 of the Admin Guide recommends configuring TWO
> sycrepl
> directives for each mirror side. If I do so, the contextCSN of the
> stand by
> mirror gets  corrupted very easily. But if I confugure the mirrors
> with only ONE
> syncrepl directive it's OK.

The documentation is correct.
> The test environment :
> I have a test directory with two mirrors A (sid=1) and B (sid=2)
> configured as
> recommended in the Admin's Guide, and a replica C connected to A.
> The directory contains 10 million objects, and I use the server A for
> writing
> 500 000 new ones. 
> Very often and without any apparent reason the contextCSN in the
> memory of B
> gets suddenly corrupted while those of A and C are OK.
> In this situation the contextCSN of B gets stuck but B continues to
> receive data
> from A.
> The value of contextCSN in base 64 is  :
> contextCSN: 20080727021429.070493Z#000000#000#000000

perl -MMIME::Base64 -e 'print decode_base64("+HYDCTA4MDIwMzM3MTguMzAwMTExWiMwMDAwMDAjMDAxIzAwMDAwMA=="), "\n";'

does look very funny :-(

Can we get your bdb version, your config and the logs of an empty mirrormode
node B pulling in the data loaded in mirrormode A (posted/hosted online somewhere).

Also, has this always happened on the same machine? What are the specs of the servers?

Is this a fresh install?

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.

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