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(ITS#5612) Contributing An Overlay which Submits Modification in LDAP to a Web-Page!

Full_Name: Fawad Lateef
Version: 2.4.10
OS: Ubuntu
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/fawadlateef-contrib-updopstoweb-080714.tgz
Submission from: (NULL) (

Contributing an overlay which submits modification in LDAP to a web-page through


This package contains a slapd overlay, updopstoweb, that provides support
for monitoring add/modify/delete operations performed on LDAP and sends
the information related to operation going to be performed on LDAP to a
web-site through libcurl api. It also provides support for specifying
an IP address which will not be monitored, e.g. if you want to monitor
operations from remote system then you can specify local-host IP and then
it will ignore local-host operations.

Monitoring of operations is based on dn, attributes and object classes which
are provided through entries in slapd.conf file. Web-site URL and IP address
for ignoring operations from are also provided to overlay through slapd.conf
file. Although all these parameters can be provided at run-time through

The overlay is tested on openldap-2.4.10 although it can work on any version
of openldap-2.4

For details please consult README provided in the package