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Re: (ITS#5601) set-acl failure under back-ldap+rwm

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
	> mbackes@symas.com wrote:
> The reason is quite simple: set expansion uses the rewritten DN as the 
> user's name, so a local lookup of the entry "cn=user,dc=remote" fails 
> since no local database serves the naming context "dc=remote".  The root 
> cause is that back-ldap binds as the rewritten DN, which is later stored 
> as the real identity.  I think this was done on purpose, and is to some 
> extent appropriate, but makes the type of ACL you want to design 
> basically impossible.  A solution would be to make slapo-rwm intercept 
> successful binds (in the cleanup callback) and rewrite back the bound DN 
> into the virtual naming context.  I'll see if it is possible, but then 
> we need to decide whether this is the desired behavior.  Otherwise, we'd 
> need to have two o_ndn fields: the real DN and the real-real DN.

To further elaborate, even if the virtual DN is set instead of the real 
one in c_ndn, the operation fails because ACL checking passes through 
bi_entry_get_rw(), which is not provided by slapo-rwm, and can't be 
provided according to the current design, since it does not allow to 
massage the arguments.  As a quick'n'dirty fix, what you can do is make 
the proxy database serve both naming contexts, namely

database ldap
suffix "dc=remote,dc=local"
suffix "dc=remote"
uri "ldap://";
acl-bind bindmethod=simple
overlay rwm
rwm-suffixmassage "dc=remote,dc=local" "dc=remote"

This allows the proxy database to be found by select_backend() when 
searching the right backend using the real naming context.  At the same 
time, internal searches occur as expected.

This is a hack; the real fix requires to redesign the API of 
bi_entry_get_rw(), to let it modify the request arguments while letting 
the real function do the hard job.


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