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Re: (ITS#5601) set-acl failure under back-ldap+rwm

mbackes@symas.com wrote:

The reason is quite simple: set expansion uses the rewritten DN as the 
user's name, so a local lookup of the entry "cn=user,dc=remote" fails 
since no local database serves the naming context "dc=remote".  The root 
cause is that back-ldap binds as the rewritten DN, which is later stored 
as the real identity.  I think this was done on purpose, and is to some 
extent appropriate, but makes the type of ACL you want to design 
basically impossible.  A solution would be to make slapo-rwm intercept 
successful binds (in the cleanup callback) and rewrite back the bound DN 
into the virtual naming context.  I'll see if it is possible, but then 
we need to decide whether this is the desired behavior.  Otherwise, we'd 
need to have two o_ndn fields: the real DN and the real-real DN.


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