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Re: (ITS#5576) Missing attribute type 'managedInfo' referenced with SUP

ando@sys-net.it writes:
> I suspect something like: if back-monitor and/or back-ldap are built as
> modules, and loaded in the wrong order (back-ldap first, back_monitor
> then), 'olmDbURIList' is likely to be registered __before__
> 'managedInfo'.

So, a manpage fix something like this?

  If monitor is a dynamically loaded module, it should be "moduleload"ed
  before any modules it wants to monitor.  A dynamically loaded monitor
  may be unable to monitor a statically built module.

> only "clean" solution would be for back-ldap to register a function that
> is executed when back-monitor is loaded, in order to register dependent
> schema items and enable the monitoring feature it implements.

Well, that's doable, if anyone cares.  Or a simpler variant would be:
back-monitor complains if it can tell it's not the first moduleloaded
module, or modules that try to use back-monitor set a "I couldn't find
back-monitor" flag and back-monitor logs a warning if that flag is set.