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Re: (ITS#5544) libRSAglue not found

--On Tuesday, June 03, 2008 9:01 PM +0000 steven@vaningelgem.be wrote:

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> Hi Howard,
> I did read the INSTALL file, and I know about the LIBS variable... Let's
> see... I added a LIBS="-lssl -lsasl2" to it... So in the config.log that
> changed the line to include (at the end) -lssl -lsasl2, as it's supposed
> to do...
> But it didn't changed the fact that -lRSAglue was still included, which is
> the original reason I posted this.
> When I check out the openSSL sources, I see that the v0.9.6 branch op
> OpenSSL is the only branch having that RSAglue in it (with the latest
> version from March 2004)... All later versions (0.9.7 and higher) don't
> have this RSAglue in it anymore...
> Would that mean that I should build OpenLDAP against a version of OpenSSL
> of 4 years ago?
> That's why I submitted the bug in the first place! Because this RSAglue
> library cannot be found anymore...

I build OpenLDAP against OpenSSL 0.9.8g all the time without problem in my 
own custom location (/opt/zimbra/openssl/lib).  You simply need to define 
your various variables to gcc correctly.

I suggest reading the OpenLDAP FAQ, which has an article or two on linking 
against non-standard locations.  My guess is you have some other library 
pulling in libRSAglue.



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