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Re: (ITS#5544) libRSAglue not found

quanah@zimbra.com wrote:
> --On Tuesday, June 03, 2008 9:01 PM +0000 steven@vaningelgem.be wrote:
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>> Hi Howard,
>> I did read the INSTALL file, and I know about the LIBS variable... Let's
>> see... I added a LIBS="-lssl -lsasl2" to it... So in the config.log that
>> changed the line to include (at the end) -lssl -lsasl2, as it's supposed
>> to do...
>> But it didn't changed the fact that -lRSAglue was still included, which is
>> the original reason I posted this.
>> When I check out the openSSL sources, I see that the v0.9.6 branch op
>> OpenSSL is the only branch having that RSAglue in it (with the latest
>> version from March 2004)... All later versions (0.9.7 and higher) don't
>> have this RSAglue in it anymore...
>> Would that mean that I should build OpenLDAP against a version of OpenSSL
>> of 4 years ago?
>> That's why I submitted the bug in the first place! Because this RSAglue
>> library cannot be found anymore...

As you've already noted, no current version of OpenSSL uses libRSAglue. If 
you're running into this, then something is flaky in your OpenSSL build. That 
is not an OpenLDAP issue. However, if you examine the error messages in 
config.log, you should be able to see what tests are failing with libssl.

> I build OpenLDAP against OpenSSL 0.9.8g all the time without problem in my
> own custom location (/opt/zimbra/openssl/lib).  You simply need to define
> your various variables to gcc correctly.
> I suggest reading the OpenLDAP FAQ, which has an article or two on linking
> against non-standard locations.  My guess is you have some other library
> pulling in libRSAglue.

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