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Re: (ITS#5536) Always use a configured serverID in the syncrepl cookie

Rein Tollevik wrote:

> I see you have commited an alternative version to syncrepl.c.  This
> version don't include the serverID in the cookie when syncrepl is used on
> the glue database itself, only when used on subordinate DBs.  And
> unfortunately, it is when used on the glue database it is needed (at least
> in my configuration).

Hm, can you show the configuration you're dealing with now? Is it still 
similar to your test053 setup? (By the way, the test053 in HEAD works with the 
current code.)

> So, I still think we have to always include it when it is configured.

Probably. But when I went down that route it seemed to require configuring it 
in several cases that never needed it before, which is why I changed approach.

> Unless there exist some easy way to know that a subordinate DB is not
> managed by syncrepl.  The only solution I know to that is to loop through
> all the subordinate DBs and compare the rootdn values.

We can think about this some more but I'd like to get 2.4.10 out now. A final 
resolution of this issue may have to wait for 2.4.11.

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