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Re: (ITS#5506) syncprov crash with RE24 CVS

Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
>> Okay. I've arranged for a set of new packages (based upon HEAD) to be
>> built and installed tomorrow, so will feedback on progress in a few days
>> after the new packages have had time to settle in.
> Just to feedback on this bug: we have been running packages from CVS
> HEAD dated 2008-05-14 on our client setup (which is basically openldap
> 2.4.9 plus fixes for ITS#5503 and ITS#5506), and I am pleased to report
> that we have had no more core files produced since the packages were
> installed in the middle of last week.
> I'm happy for this ticket to be closed, plus I would suggest closing
> ITS#5501, which since it hasn't occurred since, is likely to be another
> symptom of this bug.

Thanks for the followup. We'll close this and #5501 with 2.4.10.

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