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Re: (ITS#5506) syncprov crash with RE24 CVS

Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:

> Okay. I've arranged for a set of new packages (based upon HEAD) to be 
> built and installed tomorrow, so will feedback on progress in a few days 
> after the new packages have had time to settle in.

Just to feedback on this bug: we have been running packages from CVS 
HEAD dated 2008-05-14 on our client setup (which is basically openldap 
2.4.9 plus fixes for ITS#5503 and ITS#5506), and I am pleased to report 
that we have had no more core files produced since the packages were 
installed in the middle of last week.

I'm happy for this ticket to be closed, plus I would suggest closing 
ITS#5501, which since it hasn't occurred since, is likely to be another 
symptom of this bug.

Thanks once again for your help,


Mark Cave-Ayland
Sirius Corporation - The Open Source Experts
T: +44 870 608 0063