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Re: (ITS#5504) ldapsearch hangs retrieving info

    Thanks Quanah for your time. I have some answers/comments inline:

Quanah Gibson-Mount escribió:
> --On Wednesday, May 14, 2008 9:56 AM +0000 Javier.Fernandez@cern.ch 
> wrote:
>>    unfortunately there?s no update for openladp under SL4, that?s why we
>> are using such version. In fact I see no newer versions but for Fedora
>> and Mandriva
> <http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/>
> or
> <http://www.symas.com>
    I have tried installing last 2.4 version for RH but I get the same 
result, since problem is not related to ldap version I'm afraid
>>    In fact, other sites are living nice with that version or older ones.
>> In any case, I have compiled and built latest stable version from
>> openldap project webpage (2.3.39) and I get the same problem. I'm not
>> saying this is a bug from ldap, but something with local area network
>> configuration.
>>    I'm asking for some support to debug this problem actually.
> If the bug is not specifically in the OpenLDAP software, I suggest you 
> peruse:
> <http://www.openldap.org/support/>
    Well, this is the first thing I tried, but I got no solutions 
browsing through the pages and therefore I tried this mailing list 
referenced from that link.
> I would note I don't see anything particular in what you provide 
> indicating the problem is with ldapsearch.  What version of OpenLDAP 
> is the server in question running (I see it is OpenLDAP by querying 
> its rootDSE)?
> I'll note that a *limited* ldapsearch works just fine:
> [quanah@freelancer ~]$ ldapsearch -x -H ldap://exp-bdii.cern.ch:2170 
> -b "" -s base +
> # extended LDIF
> #
> # LDAPv3 
> # search result
> search: 2
> result: 0 Success
> # numResponses: 2
> # numEntries: 1
    That works fine for me.
> I would also note that for me, doing a dump of the entire server works 
> just fine:
> ldapsearch -x -H ldap://exp-bdii.cern.ch:2170 -b "o=grid"
> results in:
> # search result
> search: 2
> result: 0 Success
> # numResponses: 43962
> # numEntries: 43961
    I do not reach that point, in fact that is the problem: command gets 
stuck retrieving one of the entries, in particular today it hangs at:
GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule: VO:ops
GlueForeignKey: GlueClusterUniqueID=ce104.cern.ch
GlueSchemaVersionMajor: 1
GlueSchemaVersionMinor: 3

and after a long long time, the output gives/jumps to another entry... 
and it continues dripping entries from time to time for an indefinite 
period until the command gives timeout.

A ping to exp-bdii.cern.ch gives an average delay of 40ms which I 
consider normal.

    From any other sites (e.g. any machine from CERN) the command works 
fine in any openldap version, although I do not see any summary at the 
end with such big number of entries and results as you do.
> Adding -d -1 to the query, I eventually see the same thing you do:
    I just added it to perform some debugging but I do not know how to 
interpret the results.

    Once more: any hint on how to trace back this problem would be 
really apreciated.
    Thank you very much.

 Javier Fernandez Menendez     

 Grupo de Fisica de AAEE
 Universidad de Oviedo
 C/ Calvo Sotelo, s/n
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 Phone: +34 985106252