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Re: (ITS#5512) Doc contribution for search privileges in 2.4

> Hello,
> ITS #5400 outlines a change in the privileges required by search
> operations in
> 2.4. I would like to suggest documentation for this in the admin guide
> (the
> slapd.access man page is already accurate).
> Please find propositions here:
> 1) http://www.phillipoux.net/jonathan-clarke-20080515-upgrading.patch
> Explanation and example in the "Upgrading from 2.3" appendix.
> 2) http://www.phillipoux.net/jonathan-clarke-20080515-access-control.patch
> Detail of the required privileges on the "entry" pseudo-attribute in the
> access
> control section (static and dynamic config - same text is repeated twice).
> As a side note, I encountered a "452 Error writing file: No space left on
> device." error on ftp.openldap.org/incoming while trying to upload these
> patches.

Thanks for this. I was hoping to do this tomorrow as I've been so busy
this week, but now I don't need to!

Will patch, review and provide feedback as soon as I can.


Kind Regards,

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