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Re: (ITS#4890) Default Values overlay (patch)

docelic@spinlocksolutions.com wrote:
> The contrib section does not have usable makefiles (nor the system
> to create them).

Usually, building a contrib does not require much makefile stuff.

> Putting this overlay in contrib, where it would be unmaintained
> and practically broken right away from the start (due to missing
> build integration) doesn't make any sense.

It makes sense: if we integrate it in the mainstream source and it 
breaks because it's unmaintained, then the distribution is broken

> People interested in the overlay are able to download it from
> the maintained location at:
>   http://techpubs.spinlocksolutions.com/openldap/

Well, in that case you have to guarantee that the URL remains valid over 
time.  If you put it in contrib/ the OpenLDAP project guarantees (sort 
of) it remains available.  To the average potential user, I guess it's 
the same level of guarantee :)


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