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Re: (ITS#5408) back-ldif bugs

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:

> Here are a bunch of back-ldif bugs some questions.  I have code for most
> of it, but need advice/discussion on functionality changes.

>    - When back-ldif uses OS-specific escaping, we can't move a directory
>      tree between Windows and Unix hosts if some RDN in the tree contains
>      characters with OS-specific escaping.

This is never a priority. The only documented way to move databases is via 
slapcat/slapadd. I'm perfectly fine with a Windows-specific special case that 
simply maps all forbidden characters to control-characters, or some other 
equally obscure approach. (E.g. map all forbidden characters to the same 
character.) The typical Windows admin will never see the raw filenames anyway.

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