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Re: (ITS#5348) slapcat on 2.3.38 to slapadd on 2.4.7 causes abort.

hachi wrote:
> This is the direct output from slapcat on my 2.3.38 openldap setup, I
> haven't changed it in any way (apart from cutting off later entries so
> that I'm not supplying you with a few thousand examples)

Please try the patch resulting from diffing

cvs diff -u -r 1.440 -r 1.442 servers/slapd/schema_init.c

it should apply straightforwardly to 2.4.7.  It prevents slapd from
assert'ing in case of unrecognized input, and tolerates OpenLDAP 2.1 CSN
syntax.  Note that a slapcat | slapadd with (patched) 2.4.7 will
re-format CSN values according to the current format.


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