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Re: (ITS#5348) slapcat on 2.3.38 to slapadd on 2.4.7 causes abort.

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> hachi wrote:
>> This is the direct output from slapcat on my 2.3.38 openldap setup, I
>> haven't changed it in any way (apart from cutting off later entries so
>> that I'm not supplying you with a few thousand examples)
> I trust you.  But I believe that specific data was either generated by a
> much earlier version, or came from somewhere else.

>> dn: ou=People,dc=kuiki,dc=net
>> objectClass: organizationalUnit
>> ou: People
>> structuralObjectClass: organizationalUnit
>> entryUUID: 031994e2-301a-1027-968d-e97431722845
>> creatorsName: cn=anonymous
>> modifiersName: cn=anonymous
>> createTimestamp: 20030611053344Z
>> modifyTimestamp: 20030611053344Z
>> entryCSN: 2003061105:33:44Z#0x0003#0#0000
> ^^^ this is nonsense to me; note it was generated in 2003, and 2.3.38
> did not exist at that time (but, apparently, it allows bulk loading of
> this CSN form).

That's OpenLDAP 2.1's format. Which fits the 2003 timeframe.
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