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Re: (ITS#5342) DN and naming attribute mismatch

Aaron Richton wrote:
> Backend is hdb. The add was done under 2.3.37, the server has since been
> upgraded to 2.3.40 (last Thursday).
> db_dump -p does show a high character...
>    \80\10cn=\00cn=1\b72.23.58.210\00\00\00\00\00\00\01\e4e
> which I suppose you're theorizing is off-by-one on the disk. BTW, slapcat
> doesn't agree with ldapsearch here, which might be construed as a bug?
> (Although it's tough to call something a bug in an impossible situation, I
> admit.)

> I dunno. I suppose if the hardware is bad then I might be seeing all sorts
> of crazy stuff. But we're talking modern sparc/solaris hardware: all my
> other boxes are pretty good about screaming during their death. And they
> also don't have the amazingly-coincidental upgrade to 2.3.40 from last
> Thursday, either. (Which I started seeing err=80 returns within 24 hours
> of, after not seeing them...well, almost ever in production.) It's all
> just a bit too perfect a storm for my taste...but I'd obviously defer to
> you when it comes to bdb internals.

Well, if the entry was created a while ago and hasn't ever been modrdn'd then 
this DB record would never have been touched since then. (Or more to the 
point, not modrdn'd since the 2.3.40 upgrade.) It's possible that a software 
bug might have caused a stray bitwise OR to toggle that bit in an in-memory 
cached page, but seems unlikely that a page corrupted in that manner would 
have been written back to disk. Unless of course this record is one of the 
last ones in the DB before the upgrade, and new entries were added right after 
it. ("Last" is obviously imprecise. But the point is you would have had to 
have created some new entries after the upgrade whose DNs would cause their 
records to fall on the same DB page as this record, meaning they're close in 
the sort order and such.)

> With that in mind, I might as well see through your theory. I'll play with
> a second box tomorrow and see if I can reproduce fresh.

And for most err=80 situations, there ought to be BerkeleyDB error messages in 
the log as well.
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